The Wine and the Volcano

Guided tour of Etna and a wine cellar with transfer service. The program includes a walk on a crater, the visit of a scroll lava cave, the panorama of the Valle del Bove, lunch, wine tasting and a visit to a winery.


With this tour you will grasp the close relationship between the land, its origins and its characteristics and the wines it produces. It 's always true but the volcano is easier to understand, because the volcano is strong and fills if all that surrounds it.
Just to do this we will start our day with a beautiful promenade on the edge of an extinct crater, the volcano and to better understand the functioning of an eruption. Then, armed with ropes, helmets and flashlights we will introduce in a scrolling cave lava and continue our adventure by jeep on a lava flow up to lean into the Valle del Bove that will give us a breathtaking see of the mountains and the sea.

Our day in fact continue with the visit of the cellar. Here we will have lunch and taste homemade Etna Doc combined with typical Sicilian kitchen and visit the winery and the vineyards from which it arrives, expertly guided to discover its features. On request lunch it can be done to our vegetarian guests, always with local, seasonal products.