Trekking Etna Acqua Rocca

Full day excursion and trekking on the volcano. You will explore a lava cave and walk on the old lava flows along the path that leads to the magnificent panorama of the Valle del Bove. Activities on Mt. Etna are full of entertainment, knowledge and nature to guarantee fun for your family and friends!

Difficulty: Medium

Equipment Recommended: In your backpack: wind jacket, hat, sunscreen and camera. Remember to wear closed shoes (hiking boots or sneakers) and suitable clothing according to weather conditions.


Choosing this trekking tour you will reach a breathtaking viewpoint after crossing the woods with a brief stop by an ancient natural water source. We will start the day safely equipped with ropes, helmets and flashlights to explore a cave shaped by an old lava flow. We will then enjoy a walk through a beech wood to discover a 72 meters basalt (volcanic stone) wall! The walk continues to Acqua Rocca, an ancient source of fresh water near a century-old beech tree. We will gradually reach the the top of the basalt wall where we will enjoy a magnificent panorama.
Continuing our journey on the same path we will observe many changes in vegetation, from the beech trees to brooms and astragalus to finally reach the spectacular view of the Valle del Bove!
By this viewpoint we can see the summit craters of the volcano and the Ionian Sea! Here we will observe the dykes (rocks that formed in a fracture in a pre-existing rock) and the great lava flow of 1991-93 discovering the structure of the volcano to better understand the eruption lifecycle.
Then we stop for a packed lunch (not included) and then descend to the Valle del Bove among boulders, dykes and lava stone bombs (suitable for expert trekkers only).
Acqua Rocca offers a great variety of landscapes and unforgettable colors and pictures!