The Deep South

The necropolis of Pantalica, UNESCO World Heritage site of extraordinary archaeological importance, it is a universe of uniqueness. Rivers, lakes, natural caves, and then unique vegetation and breathtaking scenery. Come discover it with us!

Difficulty: Easy

Equipment Recommended: high heat (plateau and half-way paths); fresh wet (bottom of the valley)


The "Rupestrian Necropolis of Pantalica" belong to the UNESCO World Heritage List, which is the largest in the Mediterranean (over 5,000 tombs) and one of the most important archaeological sites in Sicily due to the dense presence of testimonies such as tombs and dwellings carved out of rock which goes from the thirteenth century B.C. to the Middle Ages.

The nature reserve oriented "Pantalica, Valle dell'Anapo, Torrente Cavagrande" between the towns of Palazzolo Acreide, Sortino, Buscemi, Cassaro and Ferla, covers about 3,700 hectares and is crossed by the rivers Calcinara and Anapo, the most important of all the Sicilian south-east and from unpaved paths, among which the one based on an old disused railway line.

The landscape is strongly characterized by the typical aspects of the Ibleo plateau (cave), particularly rich in water, plants and animal species.

Route details.

Environmental context: Karst river valley, riparian hygrophilous vegetation, limestone plateaus
Linear route: approx. 5km
traced composition: rock and beaten earth
Altitude: 420m (max) 250m (min); difference in height 170m
hygrothermal conditions: high heat (plateau and half-way paths); fresh wet (bottom of the valley)

Departure time on foot: 9.30
Arrival time on foot: 17,30



Hiking guide and environmental
Reportage photography (including underwater photography)
First aid Kit
Dinner at the end of the trip at trattoria cuisine sortinese


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