Fishmarket Experience

Try to immerge yourself in the Sicilian culture, exploring the ancient fish market of Catania, where, lead by our guide-chef, you will contract the purchase of the best catch of the day and then bring everything to the chef's house that will show you the secrets of the typical local cuisine.


You will meet our chef in the city center and from there you will walk to discover the historic center of Catania.The Ancient Fish Market, also called PESCHERIA, is as old as the city itself and is the ideal place from which to immerse into the local culture. The Pescheria is a real explosion of smells, colors and sounds. It is the very image of the vitality of the city, of the confusion that involves all the senses. Guided through the food stalls by our chef, immersed in the Etnea Baroque architecture, you will discover the largest variety of fish, fruit, vegetables, cheeses and much more, among the shouts of the vendors. Fascinated by this atmosphere, our chef will guide you in bargaining and buying the most pleasing food for you.  Together with the chef you will choose the best ingredients to make a perfect Sicilian dish. During the bargaining with the seller you should not be surprised if he will offer some taste to convince you of the goodness of his products. After the exciting experience at the Market, you will go to the exclusive home reserved for you in the historic center of Catania, where our chef will welcome you with a typical aperitif and then show you the secrets of preparing the best Sicilian dishes accompanied by excellent local wines. Satisfied with your lunch, you will sip your coffee admiring the works of art inside the location with the constant support of our guide-chef-architect.