10 Reasons to travel with Etna Finder

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    We are a local tour operator, authorized by the Regional Government of Sicily

    Etna Finder plans and offers well-orchestrated excursions and tours with excellent value.
    Travelling with Etna Finder means friendship, fun and adventure plus the safety that an authorized Tour Operator brings to Clients. Our experience on Mt. Etna ensures that each tour is well thought out and planned in order to make the most of this amazing land. Pick the right company to support you during your stay to make the trip of a lifetime!

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    Reliability, Efficiency And Safety

    We are available 24 hours a day and are always happy to assist. Our tours are designed with the highest standard of safety. We have instituted a rigorous maintenance schedule on our vehicles to ensure the quality of our tours remains constant and that the safety of our passengers always comes first.
    The value we add lies in our insider know-how of the places we specialize in. We take pride in the personal relationships we have with all the key people in the territory; connections that we use on behalf of our travelers to match you up to outstanding guides. Basically, we give discerning travelers what they cannot get from other companies, and at no extra cost.

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    We are specialized ONLY on Mt. Etna

    Many Sicilian companies offer trips all over the Island while our work is focused on Mt. Etna. This enabled us to specialize in designing tailored and exclusive Etna tours. We will provide you with access to special places and expert guides which are unavailable to other travelers.

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    One of the top Etna Travel Specialists

    We offer first hand, unbiased advice.
    Everyday all of our guides are on Mt. Etna to stay on top of path knowledge, so you will always be with someone who has already been where you are going and knows the area like the palm of their hand!

    “Put yourself in the hands of the best guides on the mountain, Lorenzo and his staff (etnafinder.com), who offer a range of customizable excursions”
    The Telegraph Travel
    Lee Marshall 19 April 2016

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    Affordable independent and private tours

    Many people expect private and independent tours to be very expensive, but our Clients are delighted to discover that they do not have to join a big group of strangers in order to afford a great customized visit to discover the volcano.
    Begin by discussing trip ideas with one of our tour consultants and then decide if you prefer booking a pre-designed program "as is". Or alternatively, CUSTOMIZE A TRIP, taking advantage of our expertise, perhaps by modifying a selected itinerary or designing your own specific program.
    Independent travel has never been easier!

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    Sustainable tourism – “Don’t complain about the heat: GO GREEN! PLANT A TREE”

    Starting 2015, we have decided to make a further step in favor of our environment by joining a project to undertake a process of calculation, reduction and offset of CO2 emissions generated by our activities, thanks to Greenamity.org
    Our emissions are offset by planting trees. This means that for every ton of CO2 that Etna Finder releases into the atmosphere (e.g. from fuel burning), an equivalent amount of CO2 will be absorbed by a newly planted tree through photosynthesis.

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    Etna trips with a purpose

    Our purpose is to make a difference! We are involved on Etna, giving back to conservation projects. At the community level we assist student education showing them the beauty, explaining dangers and most of all teaching how to respect the volcano and the environment to prepare our children for the future they will inherit. We therefore joined the project “Storie sotto il volcano” with local schools (http://www.storiesottoilvulcano.it/).

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    Our Reputation

    Our travel planning reputation is based on matching your style of travel to a quality experience itinerary with outstanding guiding. The best endorsement we have for our tours is the feedback we get from our satisfied clients. Around the world our reputation has been established by word of mouth and that’s the greatest compliment that we could ask for! Due to our consistently high quality of service and product, various international travel organizations have appointed us as their preferred suppliers.

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    Tour Prices

    There is nothing hidden about our prices; what you see is what you get. When you compare our prices all included, Etna Finder is always the best value for your money.

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    Etna Finder Guides – The Heart Of Etna Finder

    The success of any tour heavily depends on the tour guides. It is with this in mind that we recruit and train our guides.
    ALL our guides who will drive you are road tested. Their performance is scored and follow up training is provided to increase their driving skills.
    ALL our guides have valid first aid certificates.

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